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Jumanji board, today’s work

Things seem like they have slowed down a little, but It’s mainly due to me having to figure out how I’m going to do something.

Today I made the central section of the board (the green, shiny, round bit!)

I made a wooden disc that was the right size and slightly domed. (sorry about the AWFUL picture)

Jumanji board, wooden disc for central section

Vac formed it…

Jumanji board- Vacuum formed to be used as a mould.

Then filled the plastic mould with green pigmented resin. Got to wait until tomorrow for it to cure, then I’ll see if it’s worked and looks accurate.

Jumanji Board- clear resin, green pigment

I also cast the compartment lids in fastcast today, and stuck them to 6mm ply.

Jumanji board- fastcast resin, inner compartment lids