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Jumanji Board- 4 days to go!

I’m calling this angry Monday… Needless to say,  the silicone I left to set over the weekend did not set.  The scales I was using are really unreliable and I think I put way too much catalyst in.

So I had to re-do that section of sculpt and the mould. Boring and a waste of time.

Not to mention the hinges I left drying… One popped off the moment I tried to open the box. Amazing Monday morning.

But I did eventually get the hinges on. (You can also see that I have managed to paint and varnish the playing board. Didn’t take too many pictures of it yet as I’d like to wait until it’s properly completed.)


Finally stuck down the fastcast resin board to the inner box.


And after I re-sculpted the little ring that fits around the green resin in the centre I made a silicone mould and got the casts done.



Will be spraying them silver tomorrow and fitting them onto the board. Also need to get the magnets into the playing pieces and paint them up.

Thank god angry Monday is over. Roll on productive Tuesday.


Jumanji Board …Oh the hinges.

Well I got one side on! God knows if the box will open now. It doesn’t look hopeful if I’m honest…

Jumanji board- hinges

I used steel rod in the centre and cut a slightly larger hole about 1cm in from one end to add wooden dowel. Acts as a stopper, but the actual hinge is very strong inside.

Jumanji Board- Hinges

We will see what happens on Monday… Fingers crossed.

I also sculpted a quarter of the metal inner ring today from plastelline.


And made a mould just from gluing plastic around the shape.


Filled with silicone…


That is another thing to wait until Monday for. To see if the silicone sets properly. It was behaving rather strangely when I left today, sort of setting on the top and not at all underneath. Roll on Monday

Jumanji board, today’s work

Things seem like they have slowed down a little, but It’s mainly due to me having to figure out how I’m going to do something.

Today I made the central section of the board (the green, shiny, round bit!)

I made a wooden disc that was the right size and slightly domed. (sorry about the AWFUL picture)

Jumanji board, wooden disc for central section

Vac formed it…

Jumanji board- Vacuum formed to be used as a mould.

Then filled the plastic mould with green pigmented resin. Got to wait until tomorrow for it to cure, then I’ll see if it’s worked and looks accurate.

Jumanji Board- clear resin, green pigment

I also cast the compartment lids in fastcast today, and stuck them to 6mm ply.

Jumanji board- fastcast resin, inner compartment lids

JUMANJI BOARD! Nearly finishing off the sculpting..

So I’m nearly there with the sculpting!

I’ve done the plastelline sculpt for the outer box, inner box AND I’ve started on the playing pieces. It has been a highly productive couple of days. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jumanji board- today’s progress!

Well, I wasn’t extremely good at doing things today :-/ …It was a slow process.

But I did manage to achieve something! I started the sculpt for the front of the box:


AND (yes there is more! Brace yourselves) my silicone arrived today. So I can trundle on with moulding and casting at some point next week. But for now- Merry Weekend!