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Painting/Drawing Commissions

Hello hello,

I’m here to let you know that I’m taking commissions for works of art!

It might be an image you want blown up, a family portrait or a picture of your dog! Whatever it is, let me know.

I will paint/draw to any scale but my prices will vary depending on difficulty.

To get started all I would need is the image you’d like me to work from (can be emailed to me) and a 50% deposit on the agreed upon price using paypal.

If you’d like a quote or more information, email me at gsurma@outlook.com

Please get in touch! This would be an awesome gift idea for someone’s birthday or anniversary.


Getting my shiz together

I’m trying to stop being lazy. I am possibly the worst “blogger” of all time as I go months without updating or doing anything except binge watching netflix. So this is me trying to get paintings together for an art show thingy. I will be posting in a productive manner for approximately 2 months maximum… Then I guarantee I’ll be over it.

Anyway; New painting.