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Painting tutorial- Fin.

Well, I have skipped a few steps, sort of finished it and forgot to document progress. So, sorry if anyone was actually following it. It’s fairly self explanatory though. Here it is finished:

I’m pretty happy with it. I can see things that I’d like to change (as always) but haven’t got the strength to keep changing things. Otherwise, where do you stop? I think I will call it finished and do a better job on the next one. As a first attempt I’m quite proud.



Painting tutorial-part 2

Here’s today’s progress. It doesn’t look like much… and that’s because I have been procrastinating quite a lot. And dithering. I don’t exactly think today went swimmingly well- lot’s of cock ups that needed sorting out. But nevertheless, here we go:

More tomorrow I hope. I’m currently snowed in my house, so there’s really no avoiding it. Let’s hope I don’t forget myself againĀ  and slap a horn on her head like a unicorn. God.


Hi everyone,

I’ve just started my very own Etsy shop here. It’s perhaps a little small at the moment but I am working on new paintings to bulk it out a bit. My film noir set if paintings are for sale on there. But I am going to do something with more colour I think. Haven’t totally decided yet but watch this space.

Just a dribbly mess to see what techniques/colour palettes I fancy using. Quite like it.