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Just finished recent commission. Acrylic on canvas. Lot of fun doing this one


Family Portrait


Surma Family Portrait

So this is my latest work. Wanted to do something for the house, so a family portrait seemed the obvious choice. I’d love to do another one for someone, so if you’d like one please let me know.


This work was the basis for it (obviously).


It makes me smile 🙂

Painting/Drawing Commissions

Hello hello,

I’m here to let you know that I’m taking commissions for works of art!

It might be an image you want blown up, a family portrait or a picture of your dog! Whatever it is, let me know.

I will paint/draw to any scale but my prices will vary depending on difficulty.

To get started all I would need is the image you’d like me to work from (can be emailed to me) and a 50% deposit on the agreed upon price using paypal.

If you’d like a quote or more information, email me at gsurma@outlook.com

Please get in touch! This would be an awesome gift idea for someone’s birthday or anniversary.