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Painting tutorial

So I was about to start my pretentious “modern” art whim, and I thought to myself, “What would I be likely to buy if I was going to buy a painting?”. So I held off on that idea and decided to do a (quite heavily) inspired Alphonse Mucha style painting instead. I love art nouveau so it seemed an obvious choice.

I have taken quite a lot of pictures of the process this time. So I’m going to put them up tutorial(ish) stylee.

I use acrylic paint for most of my work because it dries quickly. But if you like to take your time you might want to try oils instead.

Just a side note- I will be explaining things as if my way is the only fathomable way of doing things. Because, well… it is.

So this is where I got to today. Will be carrying on tomorrow and posting more progress pictures.