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Just finished recent commission. Acrylic on canvas. Lot of fun doing this one


Family Portrait


Surma Family Portrait

So this is my latest work. Wanted to do something for the house, so a family portrait seemed the obvious choice. I’d love to do another one for someone, so if you’d like one please let me know.


This work was the basis for it (obviously).


It makes me smile 🙂

Painting/Drawing Commissions

Hello hello,

I’m here to let you know that I’m taking commissions for works of art!

It might be an image you want blown up, a family portrait or a picture of your dog! Whatever it is, let me know.

I will paint/draw to any scale but my prices will vary depending on difficulty.

To get started all I would need is the image you’d like me to work from (can be emailed to me) and a 50% deposit on the agreed upon price using paypal.

If you’d like a quote or more information, email me at gsurma@outlook.com

Please get in touch! This would be an awesome gift idea for someone’s birthday or anniversary.

Getting my shiz together

I’m trying to stop being lazy. I am possibly the worst “blogger” of all time as I go months without updating or doing anything except binge watching netflix. So this is me trying to get paintings together for an art show thingy. I will be posting in a productive manner for approximately 2 months maximum… Then I guarantee I’ll be over it.

Anyway; New painting.







Sketches With Colour

Just pencil, pen and inks. Just for fun.





Painting tutorial- Fin.

Well, I have skipped a few steps, sort of finished it and forgot to document progress. So, sorry if anyone was actually following it. It’s fairly self explanatory though. Here it is finished:

I’m pretty happy with it. I can see things that I’d like to change (as always) but haven’t got the strength to keep changing things. Otherwise, where do you stop? I think I will call it finished and do a better job on the next one. As a first attempt I’m quite proud.


Painting tutorial-part 2

Here’s today’s progress. It doesn’t look like much… and that’s because I have been procrastinating quite a lot. And dithering. I don’t exactly think today went swimmingly well- lot’s of cock ups that needed sorting out. But nevertheless, here we go:

More tomorrow I hope. I’m currently snowed in my house, so there’s really no avoiding it. Let’s hope I don’t forget myself again  and slap a horn on her head like a unicorn. God.

Painting tutorial

So I was about to start my pretentious “modern” art whim, and I thought to myself, “What would I be likely to buy if I was going to buy a painting?”. So I held off on that idea and decided to do a (quite heavily) inspired Alphonse Mucha style painting instead. I love art nouveau so it seemed an obvious choice.

I have taken quite a lot of pictures of the process this time. So I’m going to put them up tutorial(ish) stylee.

I use acrylic paint for most of my work because it dries quickly. But if you like to take your time you might want to try oils instead.

Just a side note- I will be explaining things as if my way is the only fathomable way of doing things. Because, well… it is.

So this is where I got to today. Will be carrying on tomorrow and posting more progress pictures.


Hi everyone,

I’ve just started my very own Etsy shop here. It’s perhaps a little small at the moment but I am working on new paintings to bulk it out a bit. My film noir set if paintings are for sale on there. But I am going to do something with more colour I think. Haven’t totally decided yet but watch this space.

Just a dribbly mess to see what techniques/colour palettes I fancy using. Quite like it.