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Jumanji Board …Oh the hinges.

Well I got one side on! God knows if the box will open now. It doesn’t look hopeful if I’m honest…

Jumanji board- hinges

I used steel rod in the centre and cut a slightly larger hole about 1cm in from one end to add wooden dowel. Acts as a stopper, but the actual hinge is very strong inside.

Jumanji Board- Hinges

We will see what happens on Monday… Fingers crossed.

I also sculpted a quarter of the metal inner ring today from plastelline.


And made a mould just from gluing plastic around the shape.


Filled with silicone…


That is another thing to wait until Monday for. To see if the silicone sets properly. It was behaving rather strangely when I left today, sort of setting on the top and not at all underneath. Roll on Monday


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